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 bandoneonist, pianist & composer

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The bandoneon solo work 

Paolo started out as a piano player, taking diplomas in classical piano in Italy and later in Denmark. However, in 2000 he heard the bandoneon for the first time and was immediately captured by its unique sound and presence. 

Over the last 18 years he has worked in depth, studying, composing and developing new music for the bandoneon. With his now three releases on bandoneon solo he has established himself as a bandoneon player with his groundbreaking work, that shows a new and fresh way of playing the instrument.

On his YouTube channel you can follow Paolo's work. He regularly releases new videos - both jazz standards, classical music and original tunes. 

For the "Bandoneon solo VOL II - originals" album, Paolo composed brand new music, and this material is also released as sheet music in the anthology. Here from the introduction, in his own words: 

"My hope is that this anthology will work as motivation and challenge for all those who want to play the bandoneon in a different way, in order to expand their instrumental horizon, increase their personal repertoire and start a journey towards new musical perspectives."

The anthology can be purchased here through Bandcamp or by contacting us directly:

The great Argentinian master, Néstor Marconi, one of the most prominent bandoneon authorities in the world (and Paolo's teacher) wrote a wonderful and praising preface of Paolo's anthology of Bandoneon Solo Vol. II:

"The musical proposal offered by Paolo Russo deserves consideration for its powerful melodic content, harmony and counterpoint: the bars are marked with constant change and solid groundbreaking ideas prove that this work is not only a valuable innovative contribution, but also a challenge for any professional bandoneon player, because of its technical difficulties. Thank you, Paolo Russo, for your commitment and passionate love for the bandoneon you give us in all your deeds."

Néstor Marconi

Bandoneon Solo Vol II - Originals

Stream the full bandoneon solo Vol II album here directly from Bandcamp. Here you can also purchase the Anthology with the sheet music for all compositions.

Bandoneon solo videos

from Paolo's YouTube Channel

Jazz Trio concert "Overland" 

Watch the song "Nobil Son e Fatal" from the new album, recorded live at a concert on the last day of recording at The Odradek Records studio in Italy. 

"Imaginary Soundtrack"

The piece was composed in 2016 for the unique combinations of instruments: Recorder, vibraphone, contrabass and bandoneon. Listen to a medley in this short presentation video:


A selection of photos from Paolo's different project and press photos. Please contact us for pictures in bigger formats or special requests


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